Construction Recruitment

Competition for skilled tradespeople is fierce, and it’s only getting more difficult to recruit within the construction sector.

By tapping into the international talent pool, Cedarwood Recruitment’s construction division fills vacancies with vetted, skilled workers offering a cost effective solution to your staffing requirements.

  • Recruit skilled workers
  • Improve retention rates
  • Eliminate no-shows
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality of delivery

Ensuring you're free to grow

The UK construction sector often grapples with problems in staffing volumes, which acts as a barrier to efficient growth.

Additionally, the administrative burden of recruitment can lead to missed deadlines and delayed delivery.

That’s why thriving businesses trust Cedarwood Recruitment to find them the best international candidates, without adding unnecessary admin.

Our mission is to simplify your journey to exceptional talent. We’re not just an international recruitment agency; we’re your dedicated partners in progress.

Cedarwood Recruitment transforms construction staffing. We champion international recruitment, tapping into a vast global talent reservoir in addition to domestic recruitment.

Operating as a recruitment partner, we link you with international candidates both domestically and from overseas.

We exclusively present staff that align with your ethos who are motivated by long-term commitments, saving you time and money.

Sectors such as Construction in UK industry are characterised by poor staff retention rates, below par employee performance and slow, difficult recruitment processes.

In our experience, international recruits not only bring skills and experience, but also cultural vibrancy and an ethos of hard work and long-term commitment.

Our specialist Construction Recruitment arm has developed deep expertise in construction staffing. The businesses we work with generally require a sponsor license (please contact us if you wish to discuss obtaining a license).