Healthcare Recruitment

Let’s face it – there are more open roles in the care sector than our current UK workforce can fill.

Agency staff are expensive and don’t offer a long-term solution.

By tapping into the international talent pool, Cedarwood Recruitment’s specialist healthcare division fills vacancies with vetted nurses and carers and provides a cost-effective alternative to high-priced agency staff.

  • Recruit Nurses and HCAs
  • Improve retention rates
  • Eliminate agency staff
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality of care

Ensuring you're free to grow

The journey is filled with sorting through mismatched applications, handling exhaustive interviews, and sometimes resorting to costly temporary agency staff. The UK often grapples with high staff turnover, disrupting consistent care and escalating hiring expenses.

Additionally, the legal challenges of recruitment, especially from abroad, distract care homes from their main focus: delivering exemplary resident care.

At Cedarwood Healthcare Recruitment, our mission is to simplify your journey to exceptional talent. We’re not just an international recruitment agency; we’re your dedicated partners in progress

Cedarwood Recruitment transforms Care Home and Domiciliary Care staffing. We champion international recruitment, tapping into a vast global talent reservoir in addition to domestic recruitment.

Operating as a recruitment partner, we link you with international candidates both domestically and from overseas.

We exclusively present staff that align with your ethos who are motivated by long-term commitments, saving you time and money.

This strategy plays a pivotal role in slashing the costs typically associated with agency staffing and decisively tackles the issue of staff turnover. Our recruits not only bring skills but also cultural vibrancy, enriching the resident experience.

Our specialist Care Recruitment arm has developed deep expertise in healthcare staffing.

We help Care Homes, Domiciliary Care Agencies and NHS Trusts to recruit Nurses and Healthcare Assistants from the UK and internationally.

We’ve been working with Cedarwood for 6 months now and the professionalism that they’ve shown has really stood out to us. One of the things that’s helped us hugely as an organisation is international recruitment.

We’ve been able to give some of our homes stability that they’ve not had in a long time.


Head of HR, PrimeLife