International Recruitment

Cedarwood Recruitment focusses on recruiting for sectors traditionally characterised by difficulty in finding suitable candidates.

Our approach involves leveraging the international talent pool to source and place high-caliber, thoroughly vetted employees whether from overseas or resident in the UK.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality in meeting the unique staffing needs of our clients, every time.

  • Difficult to fill vacancies are our speciality
  • We search both the UK and abroad for the best candidates
  • If we place a candidate that's not right, we'll replace them for free*

Simplify the complex

Mismatched applications, exhaustive interviews, and laborious admin all plague traditional recruitment; this only gets more complex when recruiting overseas talent.

Our mission is to simplify your journey to exceptional talent.

That’s why thriving businesses trust Cedarwood Recruitment to find them the best international candidates, without adding unnecessary admin.

We’re not just an international recruitment agency; we’re your dedicated partners in progress.

We’re not looking to revolutionise recruitment. We’re simply professionalising it.

By tapping into the international talent pool as well as domestic, Cedarwood Recruitment fills vacancies that are traditionally difficult to recruit for.

Although we utilise technology wherever possible to make your recruitment journey easier, people remain at the centre of everything we do.

Operating as a recruitment partner, we link you with international candidates both domestically and from overseas.

We exclusively present staff that align with your ethos who are motivated by long-term commitments, saving you time and money.

Contact Us to find out why our process works.

Some sectors in UK industry are characterised by poor staff retention rates, below par employee performance and slow, difficult recruitment processes.

In our experience, international recruits not only bring skills and experience, but also cultural vibrancy and an ethos of hard work and long-term commitment.

We can work in any sector that’s traditionally difficult to recruit into, where international talent can represent a solution.

These sectors include, but are not limited to;

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Professional Services

The businesses we work with generally require a sponsor license (please contact us if you wish to discuss obtaining a license).

We’ve been working with Cedarwood for 6 months now and the professionalism that they’ve shown has really stood out to us. One of the things that’s helped us hugely as an organisation is international recruitment.

We’ve been able to give some of our homes stability that they’ve not had in a long time.


Head of HR, PrimeLife